Trust in Truba

May 16th, 2018


Having worked for one of the largest financial institutions for a number of years, speaking to thousands of Canadians from coast to coast, I learned just how primordial trust is to a company, its clients, its employees, and even its investors.

Finance is built on trust. Money is only paper, or now digits on a screen, if it’s not for the trust we have in its value. Customers need to know that you’re genuinely looking out for their best interests, despite any competing incentives. Employees need to trust that their objectives are set with the client’s and their own interests at heart. Investors need to know that you’re going to deliver customer value and in turn increase the value of their equity share. Trust is the one element that transcends all aspects of a business, bar none. Everything begins and ends with trust.

That’s why truba’s main focus is trust. Firstly, in building the trust of our users, and only secondly in gaining trust of our soon to be users.

And nowhere is trust more important than News.

As the respected psychologist Daniel Kahneman put it: WYSIATI! Spelled out it stands for What You See Is All There Is; meaning that your reality doesn’t contain facts that you are not made aware of. In our age of information overload, we’re bound to miss out on a lot of facts. So how can readers be sure that news providers have their best interest at heart, showing them the facts that matter most?

Every Publisher has a bias. They sponsor or publish content that fits in line with what they feel is best for their readership. Or if you’re Google or Facebook, you will often publish “news” that marketers paid you to put in front of users they know will have interest in their topic. But who can blame them? To be human is to have a bias. Unfortunately, this has led to a general distrust of News as a form of media.

Truba has a simple answer to this dilemma; we give you control over your bias. We’re giving you, and no one else, control over the algorithm that predicts which news is important to you. Simple tools with powerful outcomes. (Stay tuned for a lever control over the size for your filter bubble.)

Truba’s promise is to make sure no one can influence the outcome of your news but yourself. We’re working on all levels to make sure your news can never be tampered with. Whether it be governance, technology, features, or even customer interaction. We need to make sure that even if the ownership or leadership were to change, it would be impossible to mess with truba’s users’ news. We know that there will be immense political and financial pressure to subvert the news to the gain of one group or another, but we shall be unwavering in the dedication to our customers.

Veryan Goodship