What Apple Commercial Band Vulfpeck, can Teach you About Running your Start-up

Octobre 19th, 2018

There’re always subtle lessons to be learned, as long as you’re paying attention. Having spent the last year and a half working on, we were starting to find increasingly odd sources of inspiration. And one inspiration in particular stands above the rest: Vulfpeck. Here are the main lessons you can learn from Vulfpeck, all while being serenaded with funk.



One look at their website says it all:
The lack of detail shows a focus on what’s important. They use of their own custom font, and the only information displayed is their tour dates, ticket availabilities, discography and merch. The website serves its function at its best: giving you the only info you could possibly want.


Use the latest tools

Back in 2014, following the then recent popularisation of Spotify, Vulfpeck tempted a bold manoeuvre with their album titled Sleepify. The album represented roughly 5mins of complete silence, as they had recorded only white noise. They realized that Spotify’s model payed artist based on the length of time their songs were being streamed. However, the payout for the average amount of streaming time was so low, they wouldn’t be able to make a living off of it. Instead of relying on their regular albums for revenue on Spotify, they asked their fans to listen to their Sleepify white noise album as they went to bed, to help them fall asleep. The album generated $20,000 of proceeds which the band used to fund a Tour the same year, free of admission. Since the band were early adopters, they were among the first to find this loophole in Spotify’s offering. Using the latest tools may not always equate to finding money printing loopholes, but more often than not, the latest puts you ahead of the competition.


Focus on honing your skills

When you’re out to achieve something great, you have to be good at what you’re doing, and there’s no other way around it. You don’t need to be the best right now, but you have to practice your craft. Vulfpeck are oozing of talent, but that talent was acquired over years of hard work. According to Medium, Joe Dart “treated bass like my friends treated sport” and “instead of going to sport camps, I went to music camps”.
Sometimes I’ll listen to Vulfpeck when I try my hand at coding. As a background noise they remind me that I have to be patient with myself to achieve success. Although I’ve been programming for about 6 months, I find it’s important to take the time to review your progress- for better or for worse. I’m often taken back by how much I’ve advanced and appreciate the moment of reflection.


Stay quirky

Whatever you’re working on, don’t be stuck-up about it. A great reminder of this is Vulfpeck’s song “1612”. Not only do they deliver one hell of a funky performance, they have Antwuan sing what can only be his PIN number out to the world. The lesson here is that if you’re working hard, you can’t let the pressure stop you from joking around and having fun. Sometimes all it takes is a little humour keep you keeping on.

Vulfpeck have lessons to teach, but so do many other performers in completely other fields, be it art, sport, business, or science. Whatever you do, go out there and get inspired.

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