What is the Daily Snap & Why do we offer it?

June 8th, 2018

If you’re tired of social media and push notifications being the only reliable source of diverse information, the Daily Snap is for you.

We bring you the same news articles that are most shared across major Social Media platforms and we deliver them in a simple add-free format. The morning email with 5 news articles, allows you to be in the know without taking more than 5 mins of your times. Removing the need to visit social media for non-social content.

Our objective is to deliver you quality content and to leave you with as little mind clutter as possible. The experience of the Daily Snap is to be a short and sweet one.

For now, we select news articles from LinkedIn, Facebook, and Reddit. Here’s a sneak peek on the behind the scenes of how we select news articles for the Daily Snap:

If you have concerns or feedback about one of the Daily Snaps, make sure to hit that reply button on the email and send us a message. We’ll make sure to address your comments.

Now enjoy the rest of your day, add free 🙂

Veryan Goodship